Why have 2 camera when you can have 3 !?

Gather all Apple fans ! The new hype of the "i-generation" ,astonishing their upcoming iphone with 3 cameras that make you look perfect in any angle. Why  2 camera when you can have 3 ? 

 Is it a rumour?

iPhone , the market leader is bringing the hype into the market,introducing their 3 cameras , that would enhance the iPhone's rear zoom capacity and improve picture quality in dim light environments. 

This marvellous  fantastic camera allows us to capture every single moment of our memories when we go overseas or at memorable events without compromising on the image quality. 

Besides, Apple is very interested in AR, and already has its ARKit software development package in circulation, including a greater zoom mode and increased detail in photos. It comes with ‘3D Vision’ for better-augmented reality (AR) implementation. Also mentioned is that two of the three cameras at the back will be able to study the object from different angles before creating a 3D version of it.

Next, Apple improvised a bigger and higher clarity screen to cater to those who wish to have a wider display and sharper image resolution. Who doesn't love to watch videos and movies from youtube and netflix nowadays?  Share the movie with your partner next to  you , keep the weekend occupied and strengthen the bond  with your partners.  The newly launched iPhone , with amoled lcd in 6.5 inch can do that , without straining our eyes. Now, you can off your tv, enjoy your favourite movies/dramas on your iPhone , anytime anywhere! 

The memory available now for this new iPhone,  could be up to 512GB built-in storage. Now you can ditch away your hard disk ! You no longer have to clear your old photos to make up more space for new photos. With the 512GB , the memory space is as good as a laptop, now you can keep all your memorable photos in your palm. Be free! Don't feel constraint to download any applications or dramas!

This is what we found out, what about you? Share your thought with us! 

Posted : Sept. 10, 2018, 7:41 p.m. Categories :