iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max Revealed

Finally! The long waited 2018 iPhone had been launched and revealed!
We have seen people being happy and excited to get hold of the new phones, we have people complaining about the phones.

LYK Repair will hereby explains what we found out about the 2018 launched device. In particular main source is from www.theverge.com
A website that we really trust and definitely are able to get tons of information from.

We doesnt love the gorgeous huge OLED display that Apple had used for the device? We definitely will have an enjoyable time daily with the amazing device. From reading the news, watching movies, videos, to playing games. This is definitely 1 of the best smartphone in the market you can find right now!

What about the complains? Since the device is such a great invention, then why is there still so much complains? Heres the key points to clear your doubt!

-Highly Priced 

-Not much difference from previous launched model

We totally believe that the source below, will definitely provide our reader with unbiased opinion. Something that you will definitely wants to find out if you're thinking to purchase the new launch iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max


Posted : Sept. 19, 2018, 6:41 p.m. Categories : CASE