FREE Pickup Service For Motherboard Diagnosis (Covid-19)

We have received a lot of request from our clients since the spread of the COVID-19, that many of them is trying to avoid public places if possible. 

Therefore, LYK Management will launch a new temporary free service for our clients , starting from 15/02/2020.

We offer FREE pickup services for iPhone / iPads that has damaged motherboard. 
- This includes a FREE diagnostic for repairable devices

Only devices with symptoms below are eligible for the FREE pickup service.

-Unable to switch on
-Wifi not working
-Audio not working
-Water damaged
(less than 1 month)
-Severely damage 
( out of shape, unable to switch on )

Applicable only to iPhone 6, iPhone 6plus , iPhone 6s , iPhone 6splus , iPhone 7, iPhone 7plus, iPhone 8, iphone 8plus, iPhone X , iPhone XS , iPhone XS Max

If you are unsure if your device is eligible for this pickup service , feel free to contact our customer service officer at 9025 2185 for clarifications. 

Lets work out hands together, to fight COVID-19. We believe that if every service industry play their part and volunteer in providing small part of free services to their country , we can definitely minimise the spread of the virus. 

Terms & Condition applied


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