Does your iPhone XS has weak wifi connection too ??

As is the case every year, some iPhone XS early adopters are reporting issues with their new device. Since the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were released last week, a handful of users have taken to Apple’s Support Forums to complain of poor Wi-Fi and cellular connections on both of Apple’s new iPhone models.

Some of the comments are 

“ I’m in the same boat, in places where my iPhone 7 Plus and iPad (2017) are able to connect to the 5ghz network just fine, the XS has trouble. It only shows two bars and doesn’t maintain the connection that well. Really disappointing, for now I’ve switched to the 2.4ghz network on the XS. I hope Apple can fix this with a software update.” 

"Previously had 8 plus. My house has always maintained 2 bars of lte with occasional drop to a solid 1 bar. Never had disconnect issues, could still watch videos on that 1 bar, etc. now have xs max and mostly have 1 bar. Occasionally 2. Occasionally zero and searching for service. Very disappointed and a noticeable negative difference. I thought I had a defective device and had Verizon swap it out today. New unit has the same issues. I love this screen but I may have to downgrade back to my 8 plus “ 

The performance problems some users are experiencing are caused by an “antenna issue,” specifically related to weak antenna gain. As for whether or not this can be fixed via a software update, iOS updates and carrier updates can change how baseband modems interact with networks:

Are you experiencing LTE and Wi-Fi performance issues with the iPhone XS? Let us know down in the comments.

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