Common Audio IC Disease in iPhone 7 and 7plus

Audio IC Disease in iPhone 7 and 7plus:

As the iPhone 7's begin to age, the signature problems are starting to emerge. At the top of the list are problems with the iPhone 7 audio system.

You may notice any or all of the following list of symptoms:

  •  Callers can't hear you
  •  Voice memos are greyed out
  •  Sound doesn't record on videos
  •  Siri can't hear you
  • You hear static on calls
  • Speakerphone doesn't work
  • iPhone takes a very long time to boot

What's the solution? 
LYK Repair specialises in motherboard repair. LYK motherboard experts deal with more than 50 audio ic repair per day. With LYK , your iphone is in good hands.

  • 30 min repair , on the spot can collect
  • LYK Warranty issued
  •  No data loss

For more info :
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